2013 Annual Meeting

San Francisco, USA
Date: July 15-19, 2013

The 2013 IEMN Annual Meeting took place in the United States from July 15-19. The meeting was organized by USEPA and EPAT and hosted by CalEPA in Sacramento and USEPA Region 9 in San Francisco. Participants joined from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Colombia, Argentina, El Salvador, and Brazil.  This year’s IEMN sessions featured the e-waste management experiences of U.S. states, with a specific focus on California, Minnesota and Oregon. At the end of the meeting, IEMN participants identified topics for continued discussion and information sharing as well as economy-level activities that could be enhanced with the input or experiences of Network participants. The group also committed to continue sharing updates through quarterly teleconferences and to meeting again in 2014 in Asia.
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