On September 28th Taiwan hosted a virtual event focused on regional E-waste management trends post Covid-19. Following opening remarks from Chi-hsiu Shen, deputy minister of Taiwans environmental protection administration and Justin Harris of the US environmental protection agency, Garth Hickle spoke on SERI’s role as secretariat for the IEMN. Warren Overton of Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform presented an example of public and private partnership for e-waste management. Representatives from IEMN participating countries in the region were invited to provide country updates. Sayid Muhadhar from Indonesia, Tat Dat Vu from Vietnam, Geri Sanchez from the Philippines, Dr. Apaporn Siripornprasan from Thailand, and a representative fromMalaysia all gave presentations illustrating their countries’ e-waste management opportunities and challenges post Covid-19. The event was closed with a Q&A session and closing remarks from Chi-hsiu Shen.

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