IEMN Community

The IEMN Community :

The IEMN Community is the best way for Regulators to connect with other Regulators working to solve the global e-waste challenge.

The International E-Waste Management Network is a community designed to facilitate discussion between national environmental regulators. The opportunity is to share similar challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned to facilitate the implementation of national policies toward a sustainable and circular economy for electronics.

What’s in the IEMN Community?

  • Tools to connect with other Regulators from around the world
  • A single point for all news and announcements from the IEMN staff
  • A calendar of upcoming webinars and events
  • A discussion wall for participants
  • Country profiles and contact information
  • Recent publications
  • Resources
  • Pictures from past IEMN events
  • Presentations from past IEMN events since 2012
  • Ability to suggest additions to the community
Watch IEMN Community Introductory Video
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