IEMN (International E-Waste Management Network) is a global community created to support people in governmental positions around the world in managing e-waste today, in order to transition to a sustainable and circular economy with electrical and electronic equipment for the future.

The Network provides a venue to further knowledge sharing and exchange best practices for the environmentally sound management of used electronics.

IEMN Participation :

Being global in nature, IEMN participants bring a wide range of backgrounds, giving rise to an equally wide range of perspectives and opportunities for learning. Participation in IEMN is dynamic while remaining non-binding without formal commitment or term, and does not represent an official government position.

Workshops :

Periodically, IEMN offers a variety of in-person and virtual workshops where members collaborate with each other and others voices beyond the community.

A highlight of the year is our annual meeting where participants share experience and knowledge, network, and build relationships with other regulators facing similar challenges around the world.

The interactive map offers a glance at our previous annual meetings since 2012.

Workshops Placeholder

Learn more about our upcoming and past workshops.

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